The energy drink market is oversaturated and consumers have the perception that healthy sports drinks don’t actually give you energy. Gilgamesh was tasked to create an identity system and packaging for a proposed high-end energy drink brand, aimed at golfing aficionados called TeaUp. The packaging had to be environmentally friendly and fully compostable. Placing health as its essence, TeaUp as a sporting brand needed to embrace the notion of achieving the lowest possible carbon footprint – in keeping with its mission of environmental awareness – with the lowest achievable calories, using the freshest ingredients.

Aside from being healthy (100% natural with no preservatives), TeaUp had to use locally sourced products (if it is not in season, it’s treason). To enforce its emphasis on environmental awareness and a low carbon footprint, the packaging had to use compostable paper bottles instead of plastic. The brief also asked for a proposal for the only fleet of electric delivery vehicles in the country. The logo needed to be conceptually literal, incorporating aspects of tea and golf. Health, energy, the environment, and the zen-like discipline that comes with the game of golf was the core message: “Pure Zenergy”.
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