Saronsberg Unity

Unity is a sub-brand of Saronsberg wine, produced for the Scandinavian market. Although Saronsberg never ended-up using this design, this is the concept for a label that takes inspiration from the Viking heritage akin to the geography. The bind rune, the symbol of unity, is a character of central importance in the alphabet of post-Viking age Scandinavia.​​​​​​​

Black Square Series

Intended to be a "gallery-on-a-label" of sorts, the Black Square series is essentially an abstract curated art space on a wine bottle label. It is the result of a collaboration between Saronsberg wine and a local South African restaurant called Harrie's Pancakes, which is a sister brand to an experimental contemporary South African art platform called Modern Art Projects (MAP). Periodically, a different label is released, created by a new artist who is selected by the curatorial team at MAP. I had the privilege of being the first artist in the series, designing this label, titled "Anticube Black - Construct MAP". 

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