Corrupt Jail Kids - Trumpty Dumbty
Inspired by the classic 198os Topps sticker series, "The Garbage Pail Kids", originally conceived by Art Spiegelman, this illustration was submitted for iJusi #34, published in 2021, themed "Virus" (restricted to using Magenta only).
GERM (after Shepard Fairey's "OBEY")
Submitted for iJusi #34, published in 2021, themed "Virus" (restricted to using Magenta only).
Title Deed - Nkandla
Riffing off Monopoly title deed cards, this illustration featured in iJusi #31, published in 2016, themed "iZuma".
Sometimes Forgetting Is Forgiving
Featured in iJusi #30, published in 2015, themed "The Pretoria Issue" (restricted to using lead pencil only).
Madiba Magic.
Featured in iJusi #29, published in 2014, themed "The Madiba Issue". This work was inspired by a South African chewing gum legend, appropriating directly from the classic Chappie wrapper, implying how cheap and disposable, thanks in part to government corruption and the resultant degradation of cultural values, Mandela's original message has become in the country today. The irony, as with Mandela, Chappie is a cultural icon. It's a thin line between democracy and the alternatives, and not just in South Africa, but the entire world seems to be experiencing this reality at present.
The Flood Which Bled. The Blood Which Fled.
Featured in iJusi #28, published in 2013, themed "The Tattoo Issue" (limited to grayscale only).  Copy by Alex Sudheim.
Captain Post-Exotic & The Xeno-Colonialists - Until The Last Man At The End Of History.

Featured in iJusi #27, published in 2012, themed "The Album Cover Issue" (limited to 12" LP dimensions).​​​​​​​

In Die Land Van Die Blindes Is Die Een Oog Koning

Directly translated as, "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king", this image featured in iJusi #26, published in 2011, themed "Afrika Typografika III".

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