It’s crazy to have to mention this, but the creative industry remains largely an all-boys club, with female creatives subjected to all kinds of discrimination and harassment each day. Batch, also called “We are Batch”, is an award-winning, all-female digital studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. To place it more succinctly, Batch is an illustration-driven animation, motion design, and product design studio living by the mantra: Small Batch Creativity. Batch strives for a balance between conceptual thinking, process, and craft-driven making, pushing for more female representation within still male-dominated animation, illustration, motion design, and product design communities and industries across the globe.
As an international collective of female illustrators, animators, and digital designers, Batch is a diverse studio that embraces the peculiar, hell-bent on the creation of meaningful stories. Batch keeps its team small so that quality is guaranteed, centred upon the creation of stylised and visually stimulating digital content for anything from television commercials to mobile applications. Batch’s clients are as diverse as the studio is, comprising brands and agencies, start-ups, and non-profits alike. Gilgamesh was tasked with piecing together the initial creative strategy, identity system, and website design, alongside other marketing material to promote the studio.

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